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Trust in electronic environment through
 digital signatures

PKI Framework under the IT Act-(Govt of India's)
Central to the growth of e-commerce and e-governance
is the issue of trust in electronic environment. The future of e-comm...
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cybercrime websites of india, and UK :--



e-security sites:

reporting cyber crime in usa:---



   Day by Day, the threat on the Cyber World / or on the virtual world, is on the increase. The criminals are virtual. We are living in a world today, of VIRTUAL CYBER INSECURITY. 
The men on the run to catch them red handed are the hard fated persons sandwiched between ,

the cyber world creators and managers and owners and administrators forming a big world of commerce enabling creation of No evidence or Illegible Evidence ; these admin people are from various organisations like MNCs, Govt Orgnstns, NGOs, etc


The hardcore criminals of the virtual world, who can never be caught so easily. There may be 30% of this group coming from below the age of 25 yrs,  as per our studies, from the Western Techonologically advanced countries.
  The worst affected are the Technologically Disadvantaged Countries - TDCs having lost their best manpower to the west, and having no Tech Insight or Foresight, or forewarning or forearmed.
These countries suffer from want of knowledge and softwares, the right men to teach or to crack the crimes;

 The police depts of these countries should upgrade their men to competent levels after upgrading their lifestyles to better standards. A big hiatus occurs in the beginning. The criminology vocabulary and techniques are not known to computer science experts and engineers. And computer sci is not known to the criminology experts. To tide over this, sensible Govts over the world, have brought them together and training both in both sufficiently to cross over the barriers or the hiatus.

 The action in time can save the people and the country in the world. 

Do U get fraudulent emails promising lottery money !??
Dont give your bank account number to them, or your details.

send email  :  at cfr at consumerfraudreporting dot org
fraud lottery reporting




   e risk management
   funds transfer in India
   misc concerns :CREDIT CARDS
                            USAGE IN THE NET.

   safeguard your identities
         in the net and in the cellular world




Blanket issue of cards to all a/c holders and non a/c holders is reported to us about many Insttns.  Cards are a shock absorber for the Insttns for the pinch by the shortage of personnel on the Insttns.
Market pressures, undue, unjust, unethical practices too increased risks by diluting e-Security and card issuing norms.
Controlled issue of cards to only those who demand it , is done by a few Insttns, ensuring safety.
We would like to thank them as they take care of public interest.


How the  cards are dispatched after they are printed and how safely they are printed under security is, but known,

not to us. Is there any stipulation by the central bank of the country about these ?

Sending cards to cardholders' addresses to ensure correctness of address, defeats the intention of security.

Only a letter asking them to collect from the office should be sent to their addresses.


And both cards and pw's  should be preferably sent to authentic  bank offices for further delivery. All Insttns should update their address masters running to 10000s by whatever means including outsourcing. Impediments exist.
 No ATM can charge suddenly without informing the public thru its First ATM Screen about the new charges !

Work can be done well, if proper personnel and time is allotted !

 -is known to all.

Hence growth should be slow and steady. Not fast and Unsteady.


*ask and keep with you the fax and email addresses of the bank.

* read fully the rules and conditions of the card and addresses and messages for reporting loss of card.

*use kiosks with webcams.

*keep limited balances in the charge a/c of ATM.

*monitor balances
from time to time.

*write down, and keep safe and destroy pw on receipt.

*change pw periodically when in doubt, or once in a few months.

*never keep card+pw together
*stop giving your  pw to workers /friends.
*stop exposure of innocent poor unorganized workers to risk of crimes by preventive methods narrated above. 

*At ATM kiosks

Ensure connectivity, first.

Ensure you are alone.

handle the machine and card carefully.

Ensure no one is around while putting in your PW,  not even the ATM guard. Security men are paid low salary and they are not on the permanent staff of any fin Insttns. They come from private recruiting organisations, whose credentials are verified or not.

If professional decisions are not taken by your Insttns, your risks increase.

 Seek his help only up to and before putting in your PW.

Don't ask him to put your PW for you.

Wait sufficiently till cash comes. If the machine responds slowly due to connectivity.

cash may come later too.
If no money comes, read the message. And take out the slip printed. Keep it, it is important.

Insttns are supposed to circulate among them, info on recruiting agencies and sec guards and also obtain police clearance cert .

Some banks have limits marked in the charge accounts. If you say my debit limit for an occasion or  a month should not be above Rs5000/- they fix it.   Many do not have such facilities.

what is done, if amount is not delivered
but deducted?
Keep a fax no of the issuing insttns and send a fax immediately. You can send it two places : the issuing office, and the Processing centre. SEND INFO IMMEDIATELY by fax/email/ to have an authentic record of it for future course of action. Do not telephone and inform and rest on assurances,whether action is taken immdtly?

 Always keep their fon and fax numbers handy, in your mobile message box or digital diary .

In how many days or months it is refunded ?

what about consumer rights for the delay and interest lost and above all, the humiliation, and mental agony, and compensation for that.

 People have been reported to have been betrayed while not getting cash while attempting / drawing cash from ATM for the following :

urgent medical expenses in a new place away from home!

children's education payment of fees in time at a distant place!

traveling, trusting the cards and left in the lurch!

business deals, advance payments. Business losses.

 There are many concerned executives, and workers who are ready to be empathetic and try to solve your problems. You need not feel frustrated. Mostly the money not delivered to you is refunded to your account though the delay occurs esp.if you drew from another bank's ATM. 
All NEW machinery and systems get tuned  up after some starting troubles. But these should be for a short period and these should cost little strain and loss! to the clients who are the public. The Chennai Police Dept (Tamilnadu,India --Bravo ! ) has put up a notice on the ATM entrances for the protection of the cardholders. We appreciate the timely action of the concerned authorities.


    E-Risk Management:

E-Risk becomes unmanageable for the

 follg reasons:









The trend points to not to progress

"The interest of the public  is our interest. Hence we are imparting information in  workshops for people and personnel. People should be armed with knowledge to defend their basic rights. "




-Project Director-

Man and society network, a social  work orgnsn





        e - security

 NET IS VERY UNSAFE , in spite of Yahoo and Google networks' efforts to contain tampering the net by unscrupulous elements of the world. What is intriguing is that even respectable sites allow interaction, discussion, for CLICKING ONE LINK AND ENABLING ENTERING INTO ANOTHER, which means Hitting Links can be prefabricated and the servers can be cheated. SUCH ACTIVITIES SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED AT ALL.  TAMPERING SOFTWARES GROUP ACTIVITIES, BUSINESSES ON NET EARN, SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED BY NET INTEREST ASSCNS.

 net now it is possible to know the identity of the email sender or chat sender by using freely available softwares from the net.!


We should understand   

that technological innovations are HYPES executed commercially in a MARKETING hurry without taking into account the hazards it poses to the consumers, and are not user friendly, that they are user offensive, and enhances the cyber crimes and work for the police. If they are to be caught the cops have to be trained first hand as experts by computer engineers and the security depts should have Security Engineers. Now softwares are available to know the address of the server or centre from where email is sent. The Concept of SECURITY INSISTS ON CREATING EVIDENCE AND PREVENTING LOSS OF EVIDENCE.  But where are the Inspecting Certifying authorities aware of these basic tenets of security  ? There is no support for the Cops from all industries and Govts and NGOs. Simply they get the blame without any support.

For instance lack of webcam in ATM kiosks is a big crime abutting the criminal and enhancing his chances of escape. The Police dept in this country should endeavour to insist to the insttns to provide all these evidencing equipments before hand. IT is the duty of the central bank in any country to ensure protection to electronic banking to clients. They themselves are in the dark and give better ratings without appropriate knowledge.
Worlds' Standard Institutions have lost their standards everywhere. And issue certifications without appropriate verification of the softwares, webcam qualities, random checks in institutions.

Nobody is aware of these things and people do not want to reflect on these ideas. The victims are the people as usual. Inventions two decades ago were not of these dimensions. All inventors were having a conscience to have things safely produced/delivered for the people. However whatever is invented goes into foul hands. Now inventions are themselves made by persons without social conscience and commercially. A majority of the stuff produced as Mobiles are harmful. Monitors are harmful. A pucca  streamlined marketing force, dumps all abominable inventions into the consumer market, ruthlessly.

The consumers have a great burden on them to know, pick and choose. It is no longer easy. You have to regularly make use Groups in the net to know the truths directly from people.


 IF,  Information Technology development in banking, is a good thing why is it, turning to look bad with disservice to clients ??

With the arrival of Fax, email the world ended, a saga of Proof Tampering, whether you are aware of it or not. Time and Date stamp became impeccable evidences for court - proof that cannot be tampered with. They are good. Receipt of a letter cannot be denied by the recipient, nor can it be fabricated by the sender. Now all the internet activity is recorded.

 With the arrival of IT the fin. Insttns became definitely "data secured". However, the culture of administration in Asia and India remained the same. It was a blockade to growth. Therefore the customers interests were thrown to winds.!

Face the music:

for a small thing to get done you spend one half day or full day in an office which is worser than  earlier!

your right to information is alright. the person who should have the info. with him is not provided with the info /and/or is overflooded with info.

you dont get results!  you get only info on when you expect it to be done or so! this is your right to info in some cases.

well things are improving a lot slowly !

It is..... Professional administration in public Insttns that is a long dream, unrealized.

The underlying bureaucracy, the vast pernicious semi- technological growth in IT information technology) the culture believing in passive/dull/fate relying attitude.

It is with out in-built, self-sustaining mechanisms as far as Third World countries like India are concerned. It is because of many reasons. The groundwork has not been done to educate the masses, bring education to all, streamline education etc.

In the  last few years information has overflowed esp. in the e-media. Some Insttns were drowned, and some were nearly getting washed out. Govt Insttns allover the world, should get off from the highway of MNCs, leaving way for their growth ?! We do not recommend it. It is not our ideal, but the condemnable  ideals of the West.
The insttns, their bosses and workers and customers have not been able to ready absorb it properly and left in the lurch in the process.

Advocates know law.

Doctors know medicine.

Bankers know banking.

Police know criminology.

Civil Engineers know Architecture.

Then computer science arrived ! They could not go ahead!
But the fact remains :

All these professionals were turned by circumstances to computer illiterates and a very few say about 10% have learned the IT and about 50% others, have such limited surface knowledge of IT to just do routine work.
The institutions and their concerned  executives are not to be blamed. They have done what could be best done by imparting training in capsules.

Some became learned and sharpened their skills. Others just nearly got dropped out. They hung around.

Well, it depends upon their receptivity, age, etc. What training is given by the Insttns to them. How managements identify and utilise their human potentials. Normally indian establishments and executives waste their time on petty political warfares inside the orgnsn like mother-in-law's at home. It is true. They never do business.

Most of the IT trainees in institutions are sad to say above 40 and many on the last phase of their career. Their different experiences gathered through out came of no use and they were blanketed as IT illiterates.

The result is showing now in the form of occurrence of e-Frauds, threatening the very framework of service.

Things are improving, day after day, and softwares are updated as and how possible.


The untrammeled but not healthy-luscious growth under heavy pressure from competitions, national and international marketing have left the people unarmed, ignorant, facing challenges that cannot be easily overcome in the absence of training, in the absence of bug-less softwares, advanced equipments. Their own individual initiatives are demanded today in great quantities for every day functioning. Institutions have to share the  burden with accountability. And Not only, and not merely on the initiatives of the individuals.

 But few can rise to the occasion and succeed.
Computer literacy is better with children as they are fast to learn. For those above 45 it is a new learning process thrusted upon them. If we continue to be incompetent we will face more problems. Our countries' IT risks have increased. Thereby, our exposure to risk has increased many folds. Our Management of Exposure to Risks has increased and is ever increasing with new IT products and their aftermath e-Crimes.


due to:
*sudden world marketing
pressures like the Tsunami,

*increase in business
*lack of staff
*lack of young workers
*lack of adequate investment in security equipments like webcams, in kiosks.

in the form of e-Frauds from e-Criminals are expected to bounce off in
leaps and bounds in the coming years if adequate and appropriate steps not undertaken sooner. India has to go thru it as the West did decade back. Perhaps more than the West did on its part. Because Technology was received by them in a good manner, as they were prepared and as their mother tongue was English. Countries like Japan, Thailand, Korea overcame their foreign language impediments by respecting their own language and taking adequate measures in time. 

We have to sense and acknowledge the situation and gravity of it, as it will become alarming later. We are late to acknowledge  and  late to take action.

We have to leave back our bureaucracy, red-tapism, nepotism, traditional management styles, and imbibe MBA skills professionally. Private insttns have survived the catastrophes by going in for costlier equipment, softwares, better competent young workers, and outsourcings and good administrations.


Who is to blame? as citizens all of us are responsible and nobody is individually responsible.

We have to come together to make it happen .

We are sending by Email a copy  of this to RBI, Fin Miny, and all the Banks. Some may find it as useful feedback anticipating responsive action to preempt inconvenience to public and thereafter litigation expenses.





     Internet is a facility for reading world wide information through computer screen, for the purpose of using them in personal life, office, business, education, etc

Internet Funds Transfer is a facility for transfer of funds, payment of funds, to suppliers, etc

There are various forms of money transfers.

The following  are subject to change confirm with the banks !

01.Bank to Bank Wire Transfer:   

The funds are sent as quickly as possible to your bank account.  Payment is sent by wire directly to your bank account. Funds are  credited within 1-3 working business days, depending on the speed of your bank (contact  your bank for more details).

02.   International Priority Mail: 

 You may save money over the wire transfer method.

( subject to recent changes/ if any contact bankers)

What they do:   Payment is sent to you by International Priority Mail which is more reliable than snail mail, as it is signed for. It reaches  most cities in  generally 7-10 business days, but can depends on the postal service in your place.

03. Snail Mail Check

( NOT recommended for persons of  Pakistan or minor Indian cities, as the mail seems to be slower in these areas)
How it works:  A small postage and handling fee is assessed to pay for this service.

04.Western Union


 Thia is a reliable Foreign Inward(ONLY)  Remittances Method

05.Pay Pal

 This is the world's most popular online payment system. You can sign-up for a new account for free through their website


        If you live outside US, Pay Pal automatically converts the money to the local currency of a number of countries for a small fee. Please note that if your amount  is over $2,000, PayPal may require you to sign up for a special business account and assesses a 2.2% fee.

     Check with PayPal.com to make certain before choosing.

06. Others
  Besides there are many forex houses and agencies having links with big banks of India. Ask your bank whether they have any associates in the country of your payment/remittance.


Note: We do not associate ourselves with any of the above . You have to find out the details from the websites for current information. Check with your friends also, to know,   which is best for your place and your needs. Reliability changes with time, with what softwares they employ/ maintain/upgrade..


The mobiles are very vulnerable

 If you think a telemarketers have violated the US act- The Do Not Call Improvement Act of 2007- by calling your registered number, be sure to file a complaint at the DNC Web site.

 Technologies which are not yet protected sufficiently. The hackers are having a good time. The companies have to increase their efforts to enhance the security of their servers.

What You can Do to protect your mobile use?

Do not use it for Internet browsing without appropriate
mobile antivirus softwares. Use browsing centres instead.
Do not connect your mobiles ruthlessly to many PCs for downloading images, backgrounds, songs etc.
Always check the status of the PC before connecting your mobile to it.

Do not take the risk of losing your contacts, messages,
Instead take them in a CD atleast once every 4 months
so that you wont lose your contacts suddenly if your
mobile goes corrupt.

Do not think You will not get back all lost. It is possible to get all info back by approaching the Recovery Engineers in your locality.

Do not use your new mobile without registering it with
your Brand's site where it can be registered against
theft or illegal usage by others. As of now, we could not locate easier methods of doing it in any of the sites of the brands available. This customer support should be easy to do. But companies have no responsibility once they sell their stuff. Find out from friends, or groups like Yahoo answers, Google etc to know the truth behind marketing and advts of the brands.

Do not use mobile on your right ear for listening. It may hurt your brain cells with adverse radiation. Do use the earphone cables provided. It helps better connectivity and certainly protects your ears and brain.
Do not keep it near your head while sleeping. Keep it away but within reach from bed.

misc concerns :


Do not put your credit card number in the internet sites,
unless you are sure about the site, and unless you are an experienced user.
Please know that the safety of the internet is NOT YET GUARANTEED by any of the international internet supervisory organisations and the CONTROLS ARE LACKING.
Any hacker can easily find your card no. and locate your account and balance and details about your account.
This is what we know from many of the information sources available to us.
Numbers and Passwords are easily stolen even by recording the keys pressed on the key board, by some Trojan/hacker softwares. This allows them entry into
websites. Even big popular sites under constant threat from hackers.

The net is in a primitive stage.

What is CVV2 in a credit card?

The CVV2 code stands for Card Verification Value 2.  It consists of a 3 or 4 digit number printed, but not raised, on the back of the credit card. As a security feature on credit cards, it was introduced to improve transactions security. You will find this no. after- your regular card no. The regular card no appears raised in Visa, MasterCard, & Discover:
Only in American Express cards, it is located on the front of the card. It is a 4 - digit number printed on the right hand side.

There are some banks which give a debit limit of your choice in transactions per periods you desire. If it is so, it is somewhat safer. You may keep, much money, but in a week you can draw through your credit card only a small amount which you fix as your choice. This facility is not available in many banks/ card companies  in the world. Do U understand the impact of this principle?
If I have a big money in my account, the entire money is open to attack if credit card is abused on the net by anyone who came in possession of my card. SAFETY IS NOT GUARANTEED BY ANY INSTNS WHATEVER. Remember companies always market to glue you to their products, but their SERVICE and SECURITY aftersales is often bad or left unattended. When marketers haunt me, I ask them these questions, and they have no answers. I make them understand they are hollow trumpets.
Good companies are known by their services when the customer is crisis. A friend in need is a friend indeed.
Othertimes all flock around and pretend as intimate.
The story of such companies is no different.

safeguard your identities
in the net and in the cellular world

You will find many innocent adolescents and grownups as well, coming out with their genuine names and addresses in the EMAIL id's. 
Please note that you should not use your genuine ID in the EMail Ids. Always use nicknames and give your parent's address for genuine purposes. For all other purposes use an ID without parting with your genuine name and address.
IT is now known to all that when you receive a mail saying that you have won crores of dollars for doing nothing, you will be asked to provide your bank account number etc. Pls do not provide any Unknown person with all your personal bank information.
Do not crave for unearned money. It gets U into problems. The cops always caution the people. But the people are people, they will never understand.

Also Mind, when you give your cell no to email senders.
They will earn some percentage by sending you unwanted ads/messages wasting your time and energy. There are sites which promote this business without getting the recipient's  consent.
Mobile is also a weakling just born.

forensics note to down load and use this :

pendrive write blocker


     email :


mobile: 9442285506